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needs help to give help

It is with great appreciation and gratitude I welcome you here. I am Albee Pedone, founder of Waking Journeys, LLC, a small company with big heart, and bigger plans. The intention of this company is to help support others on their journey of self-love and self-discovery, their journey of awakening to their truth, and their journey to finding their power and strength. Through workshops, retreats, and individual sessions Waking Journeys provides the space for our fellow humans to choose a happier life. We help others see through the illusions in life so they can live peacefully in the present moment and be delighted to have created such a wonderful experience. Expanding on this, Waking Journeys intends to bring it’s healing practices and spiritual guidance to others in the form of books, web channels, podcasts,  and ultimately owning and operating it’s own retreat and wellness center. 

Conceptualized in the early 2000s, Waking Journeys, although inactive for many years, has been evolving and growing none-the-less, and found it’s offcial organization as an LLC at the end of 2021. This seemed the perfect time, almost as if the universe was screaming at me to do it, because earlier that year I left my full-time (and much loved) career as a restaurant industry professional to do my life’s work as I reawakened to my spiritual truth.

With the intention of living a life of service (no longer the kind from behind a bar or in a restaurant) I want to help make a differnece in this world. Having walked many paths and having found much profound awakening through the empowering pracatices I have taken part in, I want to share what I have learned and experienced on my spiritual journey. As we are all reeling from the events of the last two years I see my brothers and sisters hurting, struggling with fear, and desperately looking for answers.

Knowing what a great teacher and personal developer firewalking and other spiritual practices can be, I see that many of us can benefit from this kind of self-empowering work in order to manifest healing in our lives. So I woke up Waking Journeys from it’s slumber and called it to action. And I find now that I am in need of some help.

Like most, if not all, new businesses Waking Journeys needs financial help. And so I am here, heart in hand,  stedfast in my truth, knowing that this is something that needs to happen now, humbly asking you for that help. In the vein of the “crowd-funding” generation that we find ourselves, I figured I’d start by asking you, my crowd – my dear ones – for help since I know a lot of incredible folks! I am asking for your kindness, appealing to your generous nature, not for myself, but for the help Waking Journeys can offer other people. Having exhausted my savings bringing Waking Journeys this far, I am here, overcomig the fear of doubt to reach out to others for help to keep the momentum moving forward. And I ask that you give anything you can, knowing that it is going to benefit other people – people like you and me, who are struggling to find peace, and struggling to find theselves. We can help. We can all be part of their journey to wholeness.

contribution matching

Every dollar contributed/donated at this time will be a “credit”, and will be deducted from the registration cost of your first workshop, session, or other offering from Waking Journeys. It’s kinda like buying a gift certificate – and you can use the credit yourself or it can be given to someone else.

a small gift

As well as the credit for their gracious contribution, sponsors will receive a small gift when Waking Journeys celebrates it’s official one year anniversary at the end of this year. What exactly that gift will be is a mystery right now, but it could be something like a Reiki infused charm, a crystal, a t-shirt, or a digital copy of the first e-book, who knows, but that kinda makes it more fun doesn’t it?

Want to Be a big-time helper-outer?

If what you’ve read sounds like something you are in alignment with and you want to be a bigger part of what is happening here then let’s talk. I am currently looking for investors as the future plans will take a considerable amount of time and financial creativity. Let’s connect and see what we can figure out.

If you are vibing with it what Waking Journeys does, and have decided you want to help, you can use:

or simply click the donate button below (which will charge fees, taking money from the contribution). Please note, this is not a charitable organization, and being so “donations” are not tax deductible. If you feel you would like more information, or want to discuss how the funds will be used, please contact me through this site. (By the by, I am open to other ideas of exchange for contributions, so share your thoughts with me.)

In any and all cases, whether you feel so moved as to help, were just curious and wanted to see what was happening, or simply just want to wish the best for Waking Journeys and the rest of our fellow humans, I thank you. I wholeheartedly, unequivocally, deeply, honestly, and completely, thank you. Thank you for taking time to read this, for visiting Waking Journeys, and for your consideration. I hope to see you all down the path sooner rather than later, and wish for you nothing but love, kindness, beauty, peace, and wholeness.

In love and service,
Albee Pedone
Founder, Waking Journeys, LLC

Timing is everything.

The idea for Waking Journeys came to me after my first firewalk almost 20 years ago. I was, at the time, on a very disciplined path of self realization and discovered I was meant to live a life of service to others, with the intention of helping empower them to choose a peaceful, happy life. It wasn’t until the world was faced with a pandemic, where people’s lives were drastically changed, and division seemed to be ripping humantiy apart that the universe was fully ready for Waking Journeys to immerge. Or, some might say, maybe it wasn’t until then that Waking Journeys was fully ready for Waking Journeys to immerge. No matter which prespective it is glaened from, the fact is that now is the perfect moment for Waking Journeys. People need healing. People need connection. People need truth. And Waking Journeys can help us look within for that healing.

Spiritual. Work.

To be clear, I am a hardworker, it’s my way. I am not asking for help because I am lazy, rather I am asking for help so I can focus all my attention on Waking Journeys. And while I can easily find work and perform a full-time job to earn money to keep this place moving, the fact is that will only impede my being able to help others. Over the course of 2021 I have spent upwards of 10 weeks in spiritual retreat and training in one form or another, becoming certified as a level 2 Reiki practioner, breathwork facilitator, spirit drummer initiate, and have become an Executive Firewalk Instructor on the path to Master Instructor. There are roughly five more weeks of training workshops upcoming this year, and countless hours organizing and devleoping Waking Journeys’ operations. So, to be sure, my dedication to this project is equal to that of my dedication to my life and spiritual growth, for they are one and the same, and a full-time job would greatly slow this process down.


Waking Journeys is many things, all of which are growing and evolving. In addition to offering workshops, and individual sessions, Waking Journeys aspires to become a publishing company authoring it’s own series of spiritually driven texts, content creator producing video and podcasts, and full-scale retreat and wellness center. Make a small fire to make a big fire I always say, or one candle can light thousands as the Buddha tells us 😉 

Yep, that’s me! Here I am, on top of the world, walking on fire. A real-life person and founder of a company that is dedicated to the service of others. Please help me serve by contributing what you can, and let’s help heal this world together.

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