firewalks, glasswalks, and spiritual empowerment workshops

Our firewalks, glasswalks, and spiritual empowerment workshops and retreats are designed to give us the time and space needed to focus on ourselves so that we may fully realize who we are. Waking Journeys also offers guided meditation, journey work, spiritual counseling, breathwork sessions, and Reiki healing for individual and groups.


Dedicated to the service of others, Waking Journeys is committed to helping our fellow humans live extraordinary lives and is engaged in helping guide as many peopleas possible to a path of balance, truth, freedom, and love. Recognizing our power makes every day sacred, and the way to this is through unity of self by returning to our spiritual nature.

To know one’s self is to heal one’s self and to know our truth is to experience ultimate freedom.
 Know your freedom by breaking free of illusions and overcoming fear.



Walking on fire is an extremely powerful means of life-changing transformation that strengthens our will, and empowers us to face challenges with courage and trust. Our facilitators are extensively trained, and we only partner with F.I.R.E. Certified Instructors who provide the safest and most beneficial firewalks possible.



A once hidden, mystical experience, this focused meditation helps the walker to slow down in order to look at life in the present moment more closely. The results of this practice are long-lasting and, much like firewalking, life altering. The act of glasswalking is akin to touching deeply the divine, for it brings one closer to one’s true nature and self.



Overcoming obstacles in our path is part of what empowers us, and empowering others is Waking Journeys’ mission. Removing obstacles and engaging our will to breakthrough them is essential in personal growth and transformation. Waking Journeys has developed workshops and retreats designed to help do just that.

reiki healing

The energy of Reiki is powerful and intelligent. It’s healing capabilities are boundless, and are beneficial to the recipient and the practitioner as well. Reiki generates a pervasive sense of calm, and it’s healing energy can be used not only on people, but on pets, plants & flowers, spaces, and situations – pretty much anything and everything can benefit from the wonders of Reiki. 


By practicing intentional, activation breath we engage our body, mind, and emotions helping us manifest tremendous release. By creating an outlet for suppressed feelings in the body and mind one can experience a euphoric feeling similar to moments of enlightenment, accompanied by a sense of being completely free.

guided journeys

Journey work is transcendental in its very nature. Through our journeys we can manifest great clarity in our life by ‘traveling’ to other dimensions to do our spiritual work. Some people experience in-depth visions, others feel intense emotional shifts, while others have a combined experience. Each journey is different from the next, all being equally as powerful. 

spirit drumming

The drum is an important ritualistic tool, which has been used by shamans, medicine people, and healers for centuries. Drums can be used to clear a space of negative energy, align the drummer with their spiritual rhythm, or connect the energy of a group. We use techniques that bring us harmony with ourselves, and those we work with through the drum.

spiritual retreats

time to meditate.
time to activate.
time to elevate.

why go on retreat?

What is the most important thing in your life? If your answer wasn’t “me”, you may want to consider taking a retreat. 

Examine the Details

It is our emotional and mental worlds that make up everything we see and experience. Why not meet life head on and choose your happiness? Be the emotionally intelligent being you are designed to be and stop reacting to life.

Who benefits from retreats?

Whether you’ve never been to one, you can’t get enough of them, or even if you’re a practitioner of a healing art or modality, anyone can benefit from a retreat.

retreats, you say? Tell me more.

Waking Journeys hosts firewalks, glasswalks, and spiritual empowerment workshops and retreats, around the country. While producing our own events, Waking Journeys can provide modalities and elements for corporate empowerment training and team building seminars as well. We also work with individuals who want to have a small, intimate firewalk/glasswalk with friends and loved ones. Contact us, and let’s figure out how Waking Journeys can be of service to you.

Fire Tending

Are you hosting a firewalk and in need of a fire tender? We are dedicated to helping others, and that includes working the fire so you can facilitate your workshop (besides, we LOVE being with the fire). Contact us to make arrangements, we’d love to serve.

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